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My dream band
David Rynhart, Kris Drickey and I have been making art together since 2011. I can't even begin to describe all of the creativity that we've conjured up together. We have toured all over the country, written two original ballets, performed with the Colorado Symphony, directed films, produced numerous immersive theatrical performances, cooked a lot meals, worked with aerilists, actors, comedians, filmmakers, theater troupes, and puppet makers.​ We are currently finishing a new album!


Experimental soundscapes​

Sound collage, field recordings, and glitchy beats. 
This project started as an outlet to process and sculpt all of the field recordings that I've collected over the years.



Tree-o is a conceptual performance group featuring Russick Smith (cello), Karen Lauffer (violin) and myself (mandolin). The performances take place high up in the pine trees as the audience takes it all in from below. Tree-o was featured at the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts in 2017 and 2018.    
I've collaborated on many different film projects with roles including sound design, scoring, acting, scripting, dialogue editing, audio mixing and cinematography.  Here are some of my favorites.
Walden (A Life in the Woods)
Get Yeti
Co-writer, co-producer, original score,
 and lead actor

A rediculous dance-craze in the making... I BELIEVE!
music production / arrangement

Full length feature co-written by my good friend Laura Goldhamer. We layerd a lot of sounds together in order to create much of the film's dramatic texture.
The Right to Rest
Last Chance to Dance
original score, sound design, final mix

Experimental environmental conservation film about the
Gunnison Sage Grouse
audio editor​
“The Right to Rest” is a feature-length documentary that explores tiny homes as an innovative solution for Denver’s rising homeless population and affordable housing crisis. 
Elephant Revival: Petals
original score, dialogue editing

A delicate slide guitar and synthesizer underneath a poem by Megan Falley
ambient intro/outro

Incredible music by Elephant Revival and visuals by Laura Goldhamer.  Laura and I, along with Sean Dandurand created an ambient texture to bookend the video.

Wild I-70 Audio Tour

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Music director, sound design, audio engineer  

I was hired by Denver based non-profit Rocky Mountain Wild to help produce a wildlife-based audio tour of I-70. This collaboration with writer/host Erica Prather and co-host Stephen Brackett (Flobots) was an incredible experience. We worked with scientists, biologists, and poets to tell a different kind of story as you drive down the highway. The GPS triggered segments educate the listener on a variety of topics including animal migration, wolf reintroduction, and the Colorado river. Each segement also features music by a local Colorado band.  

Beat Conductors
DJ / producer

The Beat Conductors perform in schools throughout the state of Colorado through Think360 Arts. The group consists of myself (DJ /production) along with master percussionist and rapper Jeff Porter (The Claptet). Our shows are insanley high energy and fun with a focus on hip-hop and body percussion.