Projects / Collaborations

Chimney Choir

David Rynhart, Kris Drickey and I have been making music together since 2010. I can’t even begin to describe all of the creativity that we’ve conjured up together. We have toured all over the country, written two original ballets, performed with the Colorado Symphony, directed films, produced numerous immersive theatrical performances, cooked a lot meals, worked with aerialists, actors, comedians, filmmakers, theater troupes, and puppet makers.​ We released our latest album (light shadow) in January 2020.

Aamatuer Aastronomy

Experimental soundscapes​

Sound collage, field recordings, and glitchy beats.
This project started as an outlet to process and sculpt all of the field recordings that I’ve collected over the years.



Tree-o is a conceptual performance ensemble featuring Russick Smith (cello), Karen Lauffer (violin) and myself on mandolin. The performances take place high up in the pine trees as the audience takes it all in from below. Tree-o has been featured annually at the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts ever since our debut in 2017.

Zabiti: Immersive Circus Adventure

composer / performer / sound designer

Zabiti is unlike anything you’ve experienced – Part concert, part circus performance, and part choose your own adventure. This collaboration between over 20 artists debuted in September 2019 in Denver’s abandoned Rock Drill factory. It was one of the most challenging and intricate shows that I’ve been a part of. We were able to create a 30 speaker sound installation in the 9,000 sq ft warehouse that helped transport the audience into another world.

Rocky Mountain PBS Arts District feature

Wild I-70 Audio Tour

Music director, sound design, audio engineer 
I was hired by Denver based non-profit Rocky Mountain Wild to help produce a wildlife-based audio tour of I-70. This collaboration with writer/host Erica Prather and co-host Stephen Brackett (Flobots) was an incredible experience. We worked with scientists, biologists, and poets to tell a different kind of story as you drive down the highway. The GPS triggered segments educate the listener on a variety of topics including animal migration, wolf reintroduction, and the Colorado river. Each segment also features music by a local Colorado band.