Silvery night (A Lullaby)

Silvery Night was written on a cold and cozy wintery night. Dedicated to my niece Paulina and to all of the little ones and parents who could use a good night sleep.

Great Sand Dunes National Park Artist Residency

My partner Eric Prather and I completed our artist in residency at Great Sand Dunes National Park in October, 2019.  Whispering Sand, a solar powered surround sound installation, was set up at the Visitors Center where guests would pour sand into amplified funnels that created a surreal sonic experience.  We were recently featured on Colorado Public Radio talking about the experience, and the music composition, SANDBOX I, that was born out of the residency. 

Behind the Gallery

An interview with Zach Wolfson about creativity My friend Zach Wolfson is the mastermind behind Beyond the Gallery, an independent, award-nominated documentary web series that includes 55 episodes across 5 seasons in 22 cities (so far).  We sat down to talk about collaboration, creativity, and the amazing phenomenon of sound. Check out the full series here.

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