Kevin Larkin​​
composer / perfor mer / producer / educator
Mountain to Sound presents
Esplanade EP Release
January 12th @ Ubisububi Room
It has been 8 years since Detached came out and I've accumulated a lot of songs since.  Some of these songs will be released on a new EP, Esplanade,  on January 12th at one of my favorite small venues in town the Ubisububi Room!  The venue only holds about 35 people and Mountain to Sound does a great job making it as cozy as possible.  My good pal Jen Korte is opening up the show with her amazing project Lady Gang

Beyond the Gallery
An interview with Zach Wolfson about creativity
My friend Zach Wolfson is the mastermind behind Beyond the Gallery, an independent, award-nominated documentary web series that includes 55 episodes across 5 seasons in 22 cities (so far).  We sat down to talk about collaboration, creativity, and the amazing phenomenon of sound.
Check out the full series here.


Kevin Larkin is a composer, performer, producer, educator and a founding member of Denver-based music collective Chimney Choir. His work often explores the intersection of the organic and digital aspects of sound, incorporating manipulated field recordings and processed acoustic sources. With Chimney Choir he has written two original ballets for contemporary dance company Wonderbound, arranged and performed with the Colorado Symphony, performed at Ted-X Boulder, and conceived and performed numerous immersive musical experiences including 2016’s (dream) show in collaboration with Colorado Public Radio. The band was also asked to lead Colorado Creative Industries 2015 Detour project, which featured performances and songwriting workshops in communities across the state. 

Kevin has released two solo albums under the name Pineross and composes ambient/sound collage music under the moniker Aamateur Aastronomy. He has collaborated with filmmakers, dancers, environmentalists, songwriters, and poets. As an educator he has taught mandolin, guitar, computer production and early childhood music education along with performing in schools through the Think360 Arts program. When not working on music, you can usually find Kevin in a hammock somewhere off of 285 searching for Yetis.

New EP
Jan 12, 2019


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